Great Western Lacrosse
Camp Account Form

This form is used to submit spending money that your son will use during camp. We keep the money on account and he can use it whenever our Camp Store is open. There will be no exchange of money, he can't lose or have it stolen. Cash will not be given to him during camp, he will just use credit. Any money left over at the conclusion at camp will be refunded.

Print this form and bring it with you to Camp Check-in along with cash only.

Players Name_______________________________________________


City________________________________________ State _________  Zip Code________________________

I wish to submit the amount of $___________________ into the above players' account.

I am affirming that I am depositing an amount that is intended to be spent and am not depositing a large sum without the intent of buying a piece of equipment. I am not depositing an amount as a "just in case" situation. I am aware that all money left over at the conclusion of camp will be refunded either at Check-Out or by check through the mail (within three weeks of the conclusion of camp).

Parent Signature___________________________________  Date_____________________

Print Parent Name________________________________  Cell Number_____________________________

Parent Email______________________________________________________________