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Private Lessons
We are available for private lessons most of the year. Check the lessons calendar for available dates for private lessons. All of our private lessons take place at Spring Canyon Park in Scripps Ranch or an arrangement can be made to come to a location near you for small & large group lessons. We teach anybody, all levels, both genders and all positions.

Private Lesson Fees
Player Lesson (one-on-one)
                $60.00 per hour                   
Partner Lesson (2 Players)
       $45.00 per hour, per person         
Small Group Lesson (3-5 Players)
        $30.00 per hour, per person         
Large Group Lesson (6+ Players)
$20.00 per hour, per person

All private lessons will be taught by Russ Olsen.
Russ has coached at the Varsity Level for over 25 years
and is the owner of Great Western Lacrosse.
For his complete biography, click the box labeled below.

Partner, small group and large group lessons are for multiple players in groups that you form. We do not accept single players for a group lesson. We sometimes will offer a partner lesson to someone if there is another single players taking lessons and wants to partner up to work on defensive/offensive skills against another player.

 Directions for Securing a Private Lesson
1. Check the box below labeled "Private Lessons Calendar".
2. Pick a date and a time, then Click your back button.
3. Click on the box below labeled "Secure Private Lesson",
and fill out the Email with the following information.
A. Player or Players Name(s)
B. Contact Phone Number(s)
C. Date and time you would like your Lesson(s)

Russ will get back to you by Email to confirm the date and time. Then you can pay by credit card online by clicking the yellow box below, bring cash to the lesson or bring a check made out to
Great Western Lacrosse, to the lesson.

Secure a

Pay for a Private Lesson Online
By Credit Card

Directions to Private Lessons Venue

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Directions to Private Lessons Venue